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Keeping Your Trees Safe From Strong Storms Australian weather can be so volatile. One moment you're basking in the sun, and the next minute there's a ferocious thunderstorm surrounding your home. When we moved to our first property, we had a near-miss when part of a tree came down during a storm. Luckily, it missed our house, but it did flatten my gorgeous rose garden. Tree maintenance is very important in Australia, and my blog deals with all the different ways you can maintain the health of your trees. From pruning to identifying tree rot, find out how to look after your trees, so they don't come tumbling down when the winds pick up.



Palm Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

Palm trees are excellent landscaping features to consider for your yard. Unfortunately, your palm trees won't stay forever. There are multiple reasons why you may need to have a palm tree on your property removed. The tree could be dead, which means it will be adding no value to your property and would have to be removed. Your palm tree could also be infested with pests and infections and to prevent the spread of diseases to the surrounding trees, removal would be the ideal solution. The tree could also be leaning towards the street, nearby power lines, or even your house posing danger to not only your property but also the public. Whatever the reason for the removal is, here are a few things you should know about the process.

You May Need Council Permits

You may or may not need council permits for your palm tree removal project. The reason for the removal of your palm tree may determine whether or not you will need to obtain some permits from your local council. For instance, if you are removing a palm tree that's near your neighbour's property or one that's leaning towards the streets or power lines, you may need to get permission from your local council. A palm tree removal expert will be able to tell you whether permits will be necessary. Since the process of obtaining permits may be a little challenging especially if it's your first time, the palm tree removal company or expert will in most cases also be able to help you with that.

A Range of Factors Will Determine the Cost of the Service

The costs of palm tree removal services vary considerably. If you are budgeting for the project, it will pay off knowing some of the key factors that will determine the cost of the tree removal service. First, the location of the tree on your property is essential because it will determine the complexity of the removal. For instance, expect to pay more if the tree is located near power lines, near the street, close to your house, or next to your neighbour's fence or property. That's because the palm tree removal expert will have to employ specialised equipment as well as techniques to remove it.

The farther your home is from the palm tree removal company the more you may have to pay because most companies include travel expenses in their quotes.

Other key elements that will play a significant role regarding the palm tree removal costs include the height of the tree, its condition, and how urgent you need it removed. Expect to pay more for taller trees that haven't been trimmed regularly over the year. Also, if you need emergency services, you can be charged more.