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Keeping Your Trees Safe From Strong Storms Australian weather can be so volatile. One moment you're basking in the sun, and the next minute there's a ferocious thunderstorm surrounding your home. When we moved to our first property, we had a near-miss when part of a tree came down during a storm. Luckily, it missed our house, but it did flatten my gorgeous rose garden. Tree maintenance is very important in Australia, and my blog deals with all the different ways you can maintain the health of your trees. From pruning to identifying tree rot, find out how to look after your trees, so they don't come tumbling down when the winds pick up.




Two Situations in Which You Should Have a Tree Removed From Your Garden

There are some situations in which it might be wise to hire a tree removal specialist to cut down a tree in your garden. Read on to find out what these situations are.

The tree's branches are extending beyond the boundaries of your property and are bothering your neighbours

When a tree is located on or next to the boundaries of a property, it is quite common for several of its branches to grow beyond the property lines. Sometimes, this can result in these branches hanging over the neighbouring property's garden area. In this situation, the leaves, twigs, fruit and bird droppings that fall from these branches may then land on the neighbour's lawn or patio.

If this is the case with the tree in your garden, and your neighbour regularly expresses their frustration at having to clean up the debris that falls from your tree's branches, then you might want to consider having it cut down.

Whilst you could monitor the growth of these branches and then hire an arborist to trim them back whenever they get too long, this could be quite time-consuming and costly, particularly if it is a fast-growing tree. Over the course of a few years, the cost of these regular trimmings would probably be much higher than the one-off cost of having the entire tree removed.

As such, if you want to avoid unnecessary long-term expenses and want to stay on good terms with your neighbour, it may be best to simply have the tree cut down.

Your lawn is brown and dry

Fully matured trees tend to have a lot of thick foliage. Whilst trees of this kind can look quite beautiful and can enhance the overall appearance of a garden, they can also have a very detrimental impact on the areas of lawn that are directly underneath their leaf-covered branches, as they prevent sunlight from reaching these patches of grass. Without sunlight, the grass cannot photosynthesize (i.e., it cannot produce the nutrients it needs to survive).

As such, if you have a tree like this in your garden, you may notice that the parts of your lawn around it are very dry and brown and will not grow even when watered and fertilised on a regular basis.

If the sight of your brown, unhealthy lawn bothers you, then it may be worth having the tree removed, as this should ensure that the grass gets the light that it needs to flourish.