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Keeping Your Trees Safe From Strong Storms Australian weather can be so volatile. One moment you're basking in the sun, and the next minute there's a ferocious thunderstorm surrounding your home. When we moved to our first property, we had a near-miss when part of a tree came down during a storm. Luckily, it missed our house, but it did flatten my gorgeous rose garden. Tree maintenance is very important in Australia, and my blog deals with all the different ways you can maintain the health of your trees. From pruning to identifying tree rot, find out how to look after your trees, so they don't come tumbling down when the winds pick up.




One-Stop Shop: 3 Services From a Great Tree Removal Contractor

An online search for a tree removal contractor near you will no doubt return several suggestions. With so many options to choose from, who do you pick? You should make sure that they are licensed, have the skills and experience and are insured.

Something else you should look out for is the kind of services offered. A tree removal contractor that provides a full-service package is always a good pick, and apart from the actual tree felling and removal, here are some of the offers you can expect.

Guide and Help Securing a Permit

Depending on where you live and factors such as the type and size of the tree, you may need a tree removal permit to fell your tree. Going ahead with the tree removal without a council-issued permit may attract a fine.

Don't have as much time to secure the permit? Would you like to enjoy the convenience of having this particular aspect of your project handled by someone else? A great tree removal contractor will do it for you. The contractor will get all the information required and apply for the permit on your behalf.

Stump Removal

Leaving the stump in place after removing a tree comes with some hazards. You may trip on the stump and hurt yourself. You also risk injuring yourself and damaging the equipment when you use a mower and other landscaping equipment over the stump. The stump may also attract pests, which may find their way into your home and the rest of your property.

Succinctly put, it is never a good idea to leave a tree stump in place if the tree removal contractor provides stump removal. Stump removal is better, as it saves you the hassle of having to find and work with another company to take care of stump removal or grinding.

Wood Splitting

The wood from your removed treat can serve as a great way to heat your home. A professional tree removal contractor will do more than just chop the wood to size for you to throw into your fireplace; they will ensure that they leave you with only the best kind of wood. This involves removing the leaves and small branches, as well as any diseased sections. What is left is wood that burns well without producing too much bad smoke.

While these extras may come at an extra cost, the convenience you enjoy when you work with just one company for all your needs is well worth it. Talk to your local tree removal contractor about the services they offer.